The legend of Sikan or Sikanekue speaks of a girl who was the daughter of Iyamba, and was from the kingdom of Efor.  One day Sikan went to the river to get water.  While she was gathering water, she unintentionally trapped the sacred fish, Tanze, within her water vessel.   Tanze was considered the voice of Abasi, their god and supreme deity.

The punishment for such an aberrant act was death and therefore Sikans life was sacrificed.  So that Abasi could manifest once again, Sikans skin would be used to cover a sacred drum called the Ekwe.

It was believed that the sounds created on this drum represented the voice of god speaking through the percussive sounds transmitted on Sikans skin.

Through the centuries women like Sikan have been iconized; capable of breaking restrictive barriers that society has imposed since creation, while similarly capable of providing harmony, determination, and compassion.

Sikan was founded in 2008. To help women of the community with spiritual/emotional support through dance.

Sikan Afrocuban Dance Project repertoire consists of Afrocuban dances (African roots in Cuba) and the different traditional popular rhythms. The  production has been carefully elaborated to express Afrocuban identity through the cadence of the dances, percussion, and songs. In its entirety the production will convey the mysticism, dynamism, intensity, sensuality and passion of Cuban folklore.

Sikan will also take the audience on a tour of traditional Cuban salon dances including Rumba, a mixture of Spanish European and African influences such as Yoruba, Congo and Carabali, by way of the 19 century “Solares Habaneros”. The tour (the show) ends in the typical but vibrant Habana Carnival Party where Sikan, will demonstrate one of the maximum expressions of joy and enthusiastic traditional celebration through the syncopated and polyrhythmic sounds of the Cuban wooded flip flops accompanied by drums.   Sikan is a journey of Cuban folklore life!

Some of the stages Sikan has performed at:

Albizu University

Miami Beach Convention Center

Adriane Arts Performing Center

Art Basel

Little Haití Cultural Complex

University of Boulder

New Times Iron Fork

Gulf Coast Folklife Festival


Washington Dc University

Miami Salsa Congres

Atlanta Salsa Congress

Cuba 8 Cultural Center