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Marisol Blanco – Dancing and Soul

Marisol Blanco, Master Teacher and graduate of Cuba’s prestigious Superior Institute of Arts (ISA) bachelor dance teacher and The National School of Arts (ENA) professional dancer, teaches Afro-Cuban Folkloric and Popular Dance, as well as, other forms of traditional dance from around the world. Marisol has been a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer for more than 25 years. She has earned popularity for her Rumba classes and special Afro-Cuban learning program, “HPS”. Marisol emphasizes the connection between steps, story, song, percussion, body expression, philosophy, psychology, and technical knowledge in her classes. She creates an environment of support, motivation, creativity, and curiosity, while encouraging her students to reach their full potential in her classroom. She is the owner and director of Sikan Afrocuban Dance Project. Marisol is also a former member of the first female drumming and dance group, Obini-Bata

Dancing Classes

Afro-Cuban Dance

Is referent to the Orichas. They are organized in hierarchical order at the Yoruba pantheon which possess powers that come from Mother Nature (ASHE).
I have been using the HPS learning program to teach my students. This methodology divides the basic knowledge in three aspects, emphasizing the connection between H-history, P-percussion and S-steps for better understanding

Cuban Rumba Class

The Cuban Rumba is a popular genre that was originated mixing the Hispanic and African elements (the most predominant groups being: Yoruba, Congo, Carabali), musical manifestation describing the Cuban idiosyncrasy.

Kids Classes

The future is guaranteed

Various dance programs for kids and teenagers in, Miami, FL (Dance Art and Fitness Studio (DAF), Fusion Dance Studio, Pan Studio, La Fortuna, The Barnyard, Art 4Learning, The Motivational Edge, The Shimmy Club, Link Company, San Thomas University, Barry University-Carnival Art Program, Miami Art Museum, Tekrema Center, Jose Marti Park, Elizabeth Virrick Park, Henderson Park, River Side Park to the Recreation Department of Miami City, Thomas A. Edison Educational Center,  (2008- 2016)

Sikan was fouded in 2008. To help women of the community with spiritual/ emotional support through dance. It is now inclusive of all genders with the same purpose.

Sikan Afrocuban Dance Project repertoire consists of Afrocuban Dances (Derived from African roots in Cuba as Bantu,Yoruba, Ewe-Fon, Carabali, and Afro-Haitian) and the different Traditional Popular rhythms as Rumba complex, Conga and Comparza from the Cuban Carnival a mixture of Spanish European and African influences by way of the 19 century “Solares Habaneros”. The pieces have been carefully elaborated to express Afrocuban identity through the cadence of the dances, rhythms, and songs. In its entirety the production will convey the mysticism, dynamism, intensity, sensuality and passion of Cuban Folklore.